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Working with Nature


Oak trees and olive groves have been growing here for centuries. In their shadows, sheep, cattle, birds and bees have always coexisted. It’s still wild flowers that add colour, perfume and variety to the land.

We love it that way.
And we work to keep it that way.


Our family, our projects, and our land.


Herdade das Barrocas is a family project: we believe in economic development and technological innovation in harmony with Nature. We have been farming and preserving this land for twenty years. Today, we focus on tourism and biological, traditional farming to develop, to innovate, and to grow.




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An ecosystem that has survived for centuries

Cared for to survive many more.

Our landscape is as unique as our soil. Rooted in traditional practices, oaks of all ages, shapes and sizes form this ancient ecosystem that is as sustainable as it is balanced: the Dehesa. Everything we do here, we do with respect for the Dehesa and for its complexity. The oaks are given time to grow. The sheep and cattle are given freedom to roam and graze the land. And on trees that are hundreds of years old, we grow olives biologically to produce a beautiful and aromatic, sweet olive oil with all the authentic flavours of the fruit.

Heal with nature

A cutting-edge project of biological cannabis agriculture

The air is clean and clear. Nature is at its purest. Here, in the heart of the land, we will grow medical cannabis. Making the most of our privileged climate and strong sunlight to produce plants of exceptional quality. This state of the art, innovation-driven project has been Infarmed approved and will become prepared to deliver cannabis according to the pharmaceutical industry’s strictest standards.

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Future traveller,
welcome to an historical home

Built for kings but saved for you

Built for kings and nobles but saved for you The noble man D. Sancho de Noronha, had this house built for the long stretches of time that the court spent in Estremoz. He probably wanted an elegant and graceful place to be comfortable. A space to enjoy the local food and culture. Five hundred years later, in a project signed by renowned architects Álvaro Siza Vieira and Carlos Castanheira, these are the same things that the house stands for and that you’ll enjoy: comfort, elegance and grace. Food, history and culture. And maybe more importantly, the time and the space to make the most of them.

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Join us

We aspire to have in our team collaborators who share the values of work and innovation in harmony with nature. Motivated professional, exigent, permanently updated and with a solid team spirit. If you share these values or principles of life, send us your CV.

Currently, we are not recruiting.

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